Pastry is the Gattullo jewel in the crown, which tirelessly make real “Gioie del Palato” since 1961. The classic cakes made with mastery like Primavera, Carlina and Fabiola, the rich tarts with cream and fresh fruit or with jam and the delicious assorted mignons will delight you.


Recipes passed down through generations and interpreted by our pastry chefs will amaze you, carrying you into the past and to the old dear “ricette della nonna”. For every special occasion there is a perfect delicacies, from Colomba to Kranz, from Pastiera Napoletana to Panettone…Gattullo is the synonym for tradition.


The search for the finest raw materials and the mastery of our pastry chefs are the union that shapes our delicious chocolate creations like Gianduiotti, pralines, dark chocolate orange peels and hand decorated chocolate eggs. All our sweet creations fulfill all your sweetest desires.


The Honorary Degree in “Paninologia” or “Sandwichology”, obtained in 1980, is not an accident. The Gattullino, the Bocconiano, the Foresta Nera and the Muratore invented by Jannacci and many others, just for real sandwich lovers! Delicious recipes for lunch and tasty appetizers for the italian “aperitivo”… and who said that we are just a normal bakery?


After so many years of absence, the Gattullo “Gelato” is finally back.
You will find the fruit and cream flavoures, the timeless classics like pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry and lemon.
But there are also some extraordinary exceptions to delight your refreshing snack-time!