One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well…
(Virginia Woolf)

“Pasticceria Gattullo” has constantly developed its strong tradition, its expertise and its love for the ancient art of pastry making, until reaching a wider dimension. In a city like Milan, with its history and its opportunities, our bakery has been able to evolve in a natural way and with a strong enthusiasm, in order to offer the best possible service without losing sight of our elegance and quality.


A good breakfast is an almost poetic way to start the day, a harmony which can keep you company until the evening; Gattullo’s brioches, our small pastries and shortcrust pastries will surely offer you a sweet note of flavor and happiness.

Lunch Break

A light lunch break with plenty of savory and tasty recipes; lunches at Pasticceria Gattullo are like an “oasis” from the daily chaos, a moment of pause when you will pamper your taste buds with warm and cold recipes or delicious paninis.

Afternoon Tea

“Tea is instant wisdom, just add water”
For Pasticceria Gattullo, teatime is a small parenthesis of sweetness and relax. Pastries, biscuits and an accurate selection of tea and coffee for a moment of unforgettable sweetness. Our bakery can also plan exclusive “coffee breaks” for your special events.


How happy can a happy hour be? Our aperitivo is the perfect way to end your day and start the night! We are waiting for you at Pasticceria Gattullo, where you can meet your friends before going out for dinner or attending an event. Delicious appetizers and canapes will go along with tasty and colorful cocktails, prepared for you by our barmen before your special nights out.