Mr. Peppino, as everybody called him, was the father of Mr. Domenico and he arrived in Milan in 1926 from the far away Ruvo di Puglia. He worked in the most important bakeries of the city, including San Babila, Sant’Ambroeus and Besana, and he became a master baker. Thanks to his passion, in 1961 Peppino managed to fulfil his dream with the opening of Pasticceria Gattullo, which immediately became one of the favourite spots for artists and singers.

“There were Beppe Viola, Enzo Jannacci and Renato Pozzetto, this was the magic trio. They mostly came to our bakery at night, before their show at the Derby Club, from 8 pm to 11 pm. They loved cannoncini and cream puffs, prepared by my father on the spot. Do you know what Beppe used to say while he was eating a delicious panini? “You can feel its flavor at the very end of your palate”… And while he was having a good drink, he finished by saying: “My stomach is really satisfied”.

(Taken from an interview with Mr. Domenico Gattullo on Gourmode)

A point of reference for the social life in Milan, but also an excellent bakery: according to Mr. Domenico Gattullo, pastry baking is an ancient art where you can’t follow any industrial rules, since every brioche is a unique creation which deserves to be taken care of. In 2009, the former President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, awarded Domenico Gattullo with the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic; in 1980, Domenico Gattullo was awarded with the “Ambrogino d’Oro” by the former Mayor of Milan, Carlo Tognoli. In 2015, Pasticceria Gattullo was awarded with the “Negozio Storico” prize; in 2017, the bakery was awarded with the “Bottega Storica” prize.